About ICTcore

ICTCore core is an open source unified communications framework for developers and integrators to rapidly develop ICT based applications using their existing development skills. By using ICTCore, developers can create communication based applications such as Auto attendant, Fax to Email, Click to Call etc.. They can program custom business logic that can control incoming and outgoing communication instances.

ICTCore has a primary focus on integrated and automated communications. ICTCore’s goal is to be a common server-side software/ cloud-based Communications platform as a service (cpaas) / back-end for CTI (computer telephony integration) related projects. Further as a communications development framework it can be extended to develop new communication solutions and services using unified communications apis using the user’s existing development skills and infrastructure.

ICTCore is a PHP and Linux based service application which supports multiple gateway interfaces like freeswitch, Kennel and Send mail further it offers inbound and outbound transmissions for voice, fax, SMS and email. However, the main feature of ICTCore is its unified way of integration which allows different kinds of services to interact with each other, for example a message can trigger a call or an inbound fax can be forwarded over email.

Using ICTCore Communications Framework

The ICTCore Communications Framework is designed to help developers speed up their development process, and to make the development process more efficient. It provides an easy-to- use, graphical solution to the problem of communication between various subsystems in ICT applications. It simplifies the development process by eliminating the need to create complex communications architecture, and makes the development process easier and more efficient by providing a framework for building ICT applications.


p style=”margin-bottom: 0.14in;”>ICTCore has inbuilt support for the most commonly used purposes. In addition, its architecture empowers companies to build and implement their own communications solutions. Its flexible structure and program logic allows companies to customize their communications solutions.


p style=”margin-bottom: 0.14in;”>Reporting is easy with its inbuilt activity and result logs. In addition, ICTCore provides APIs and developer guides to enable companies to develop their own programs for communications.

Create a utility that makes use of ICTCore Communications Framework

A profitable JCTApplication will embed the ICTCore Communication Framework which is the key to getting your app out the door. The ICTCore Communications Framework is a developer framework that makes use of a constant set of AP s and offerings that can be used to construct JCT applications. The framework approves you to focal point on what’s vital – building your application. The framework is constructed on pinnacle of the Microsoft .NET Framework and is well suited with Windows 10 lot, Windows 8.1and Windows eight The framework offers a set of predefined offerings that enable you to shortly create your application. The framework presents a set of offerings and AP s that are constructed around a messaging infrastructure that offers a scalable, end-to-end, reliable, and impervious messaging solution.

ICTCore makes use of REST AP s. REST stands for Representational State Transfer. It was created by means of Roy Fielding, a revered laptop scientist. An AP helps builders engage with a pc machine in order to function duties such as seize, enter and generate output for the stop user. It can be

Thought of as a skill to hyperlink an facts producer -the employer -with an records seeker – the client or client.

The setup is RPM based. RPM -RPM Package Manager (originally Red-hat Package Manager) -is an open supply application that approves builders to control software program programs in Linux, from set up to utility to uninstalling. RPM based totally set up is a technique of putting in JCT primarily based functions the usage of a particular package. The cause for the use of this approach is that no unique programming know-how is required. The improvement of this approach started out in the US and is now famous globally with the aid of Linux. RPM is the tool used to set up JCT primarily based applications. The benefit of the usage of this approach is the ease of set up and the high performance of the system.

How to install ICTCore Communications Framework?

ICTCore Communications Framework is a framework for JCT based applications. It uses PHP, MySQL, and Bootstrap, and it is designed for developers who already have the skills to make these technologies work. ICTCore Communications Framework encourages developers to be able to use their existing skills to develop applications like this, and it is not just restricted to the web. ICTCore Communications Framework is a framework that is used to develop applications like this in the real world, and it is not just restricted to the web.

The following are the system requirements to install the ICTCore Communications Framework: Centos 6/7: An OS option to set up a Virtual Private Server.

Apache 2: Apache is an open source HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) web server that enables the delivery of information over the internet.

MySQL 5: My SQL is a database management tool that can be used for a variety of applications, essentially to add, access and manage data within a computer system.

PHP 5.3.3: PHP is an open-source scripting language. PHP can: generate dynamic page content

  • create, open, read, write, delete, and close files on the server

  • collect form data

  • add, delete, modify data in a database

  • encrypt data

Send mail: This is a way to send email using SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). It Also supports other mail delivery systems.

Free SWITCH: A free and open-source application for communications over the web, including VOiP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), video calling, etc.

A company can set up ICTCore on its premises and provide services such as twilio / plivo to their users

  • How does IctCore deployment help a service provider?

Twilio / plivo / nexmo cloud platform helps a service provider in ict core

Firstly, Setup your Cloud Communications platform like Plivo, Twilio and Nexmo

In the recent past, web developers faced issues while integrating their applications with communication networks. The rise of cloud-based communication platforms such as Twilio, Plivo, and Nexmo eased the life of web developers. These platforms provide APIs to develop communication based applications, now computer telephony integration (CTI) is no myth for developers. Internet telephony service providers (ITSP) or carriers interested in offering communication API services like Twilio, Plivo, and Nexmo, can fulfill their dreams by deploying ICTCore SP edition on their own premises and start offering communications API services to their customers and charge them accordingly.

What is a Cloud Communication Platform?

Mobile app developers can use cloud communication platforms to develop custom applications using simple to understand unified communications api’s (voice api, sms api, fax api or messaging api ) . These communications api’s are used by developers to add contact features to their apps, such as text messages, user-to-user chatting, and voice connectivity. Many cloud communication frameworks provide documentation on extensibility to help developers customize how their apps communicate with these features.

List of Top and Reliable Cloud Communication Platform

  1. Twilio

  2. Plivo

  3. Nexmo

Developers can use cloud communication platforms to add features beyond simple communication, such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) through texts and emails. These resources are often linked with VoIP technology, or voice over internet protocol application, which uses an IP network to relay phone calls with no need for a separate telephone network.

Setup Own Cloud Communications platform Using ICTCore Communication Framework

ICTCore is an open-source unified communications platform that allows developers and integrators to quickly build ICT-based applications while leveraging their established development skills. A developer may use ICTCore SP Edition to build communication-based applications like Auto attendant, Fax to Email, Click to Call, and so on. Custom business logic can be programmed to manage incoming and outgoing contact instances. The primary emphasis of ICTCore is on integrated and automated communications. The aim of ICTCore is to serve as a standard server-side software/back-end for computer telephony integration (CTI) projects. It can also be extended as a tool to create new communication solutions and services using the user’s current development skills and technologies.

ICTCore Service Provider Edition facilitates service providers to set up a communications API provisioning platform similar to Twilio, Nexmo, or Plivo. ICTCore Service Provider Edition includes Fax, SMS, Email, and Voice technologies, as well as an IVR Studio that allows customers to create custom IVRs using advanced drag-and-drop tools.

The Benefits and Features of using ICTCore Communications Framework

Truly unified communications framework

  • ICTCore allows developers to use multiple communication methods like Call, FAX, Messaging or Email, plus it also allows them to integrate these services with each other, using voice api’s, sms api’s , fax api’s like SMS notification after each call or email to fax.

ICTCore cover all major communication methods

  • Allow integration between different kind of communication methods

  • Uses unified terminology and share-able resources for all its services

  • Scenario based automation

  • ICTCore have built in support for few most commonly used scenarios, However ICTCore architecture allows developers to easily implement their own custom scenarios and requirements.

  • Flexible programs and logic to allow custom scenario

  • Uses one program per scenario approach

  • Various builtin programs for common scenarios

  • Complete activity and result log for reporting purpose

  • APIs and developer guide to build new program for custom scenarios

Easy to extend

  • ICTCore is built for developers, ICTCore allows developers to

  • Introduce new program and scenarios or modify the existing one

  • Add support for new software switch, pbx and gateways

  • Develop completely new communication methods

Ready to use


  • Third party termination / origination support

  • RPM based installation


We hope you loved this weblog published on the ICTCore conversation framework. We targeted on how to shortly and efficiently improve JCT primarily based functions and the usage of your current improvement skills. However, if you would like to study extra about how to increase with the ICTCore framework, you can discover extra via following the hyperlink in our weblog post. An ITSP can set up twilio / plivo / nexmo-like platforms with the help of ICTCore deployment on that platform. That’s a highlight. We will be right here to assist you with the ICTCore framework in no time! Please reach out to us if you want any greater help or prefer to examine more, we would love to hear from you!