Currently ICTCore binaries are available for CentOs 6 and 7, To install ICTCore you need a freshly installed server and then you can instruction mentioned in following. If you are looking for source code you can find it at github ICTCore: Open Source Unified Communications Framework

First of all we need to install ict and epel repositories

for centos 7

rpm -Uvh ''  
yum install epel-release  

for CentOs 6 also install Freeswitch repository

rpm -Uvh ''  
rpm -Uvh ''  
rpm -Uvh ''  
  1. Install ICTCore
    yum update
    yum install ictcore ictcore-voice ictcore-fax ictcore-email
  2. Create a new database and database user for ictcore
  3. Initiate / populate newly created database using scripts from /usr/ictcore/db/*
  4. Update /etc/ictcore.conf and /etc/odbc.ini for database access
  5. Restart HTTP / Apache server